Ethan Rosenthal

Ethan Rosenthal, PhD

Data Science Consulting


My goal is to empower your company to extract value from your data. Please reach out at - I would love to hear from you.

If you are an early stage startup who has heard the buzz about data science but is unsure of how it works in practice, let’s talk. I will devise a strategy and vision for data science at your company and chart out a roadmap to success. I will help with recruiting and interviewing as you build out your team. Prior to an established team, I will get you on your feet by building out the initial analytics and machine learning systems.

If you already have an established data team but have more projects than people, then let’s talk. It is hard right now to find and retain data scientists, but I can quickly integrate into your team and build out full stack data products.

Lastly, if your company simply has interesting data that is not being utilized, then let’s talk! I love to meet people and learn about what data exists across industries.


Ethan Rosenthal, PhD is a consultant who empowers companies to extract value from their data. Prior to consulting, Ethan led a team of scientists, analysts, and engineers at Dia&Co, an online personal styling service. He was the founding member of the Data team which grew to 30+ people at a company that scaled from 70 to 700 employees during his tenure. In that time, he built numerous data applications to automate solutions to problems involving recommendations, logistics, deep learning, and more. Before Dia&Co, Ethan worked as a Data Scientist at Birchbox and earned a PhD in Physics from Columbia University building atomic-resolution microscopes to study superconductors.